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Gotta Catch 'Em All: 15 Years of Red & Blue

A zine tribute to 15 years of Pokemon in North America. Check the About page for more info. Updates with original articles every Friday, reblogs and other stuff every weekday.
Sep 11 '13

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Aug 16 '13

Some kinda crappy screenshots of the NEWLY ANNOUNCED Pokemon: The Origin anime, based on Red and Blue. It’ll air in October, but it’s unclear if it’s a new series of a one-off special. 

I’m loving the art style though. It looks a little more mature than the regular anime, and check out that Blastoise.

Ain’t nobody fucks with Blastoise.


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Aug 16 '13

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Aug 13 '13

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Aug 12 '13

So, What’s Gonna Happen to this Blog?

We’re going into downtime behind the scenes, to start work in the ACTUAL PHYSICAL MAGAZINE (that’s your cue to get hype). The zine will include all of the articles, bonus content, fancy layouts, and an IOU for a hug from me for whoever buys it, and that’s a promise. 

It probably won’t be out until September (possibly October if it turns out I’m terrible at it, in which case, it’ll be out BEFORE Pokemon X and Y, hopefully), but we’re through with the articles for now. 

In the meantime, I’ll try to post updates on magazine progress, some little Pokemon factoids and cute stuff I find relating to Gen I Pokemon, and the usual spate of reblogs and the like.

So for now, watch this space for more info on when you can buy the zine, and maybe even an announcement of a NEW POKEMON PROJECT FROM YOURS TRULY.

(that’s your cue to get hype again)

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Aug 11 '13

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Aug 9 '13

When people complain about Pokémon these days, it’s always about how it hasn’t changed in almost 15 years. Maybe they don’t like the new designs, maybe they were opposed to the physical/special split for whatever reason, but they always complain about how it’s almost the exact same game that they played in 1996. In some ways, they’re completely right. Since the physical/special split in Generation III there hasn’t been any real change in the way you play Pokémon, and that was a decade ago, not to mention the fact that it was all behind the scenes stuff. Nothing really big has changed in Pokémon since they added new types in Gold and Silver.

But in another way, those people couldn’t be more wrong. Pokémon has changed slightly, incrementally, like a slow-moving glacier. You wouldn’t recognize it now from where it was all those years ago. The people who complain about Pokémon being the same are often the ones who cite that as their reason for not playing Pokémon, which is fair, but you do have to wonder how they felt about a games like FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold and SoulSilver, games that were different from their source material, but utilized those differences to celebrate the similarities.

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Aug 2 '13

Have you ever actually caught them all?

No seriously, think about it. Even if you haven’t, you’ve definitely tried to at some point. Believe it or not, there was a time when it wasn’t quite as insurmountable a task as it is now. I mean, in Red and Blue, your biggest problem was going to be getting someone to trade you the two starters you were missing, but an enterprising player could get their hands on a used copy of red, restart it twice and then resell it.

Now, have you ever been the very best, like no one ever was?

You’ve probably been crowned Pokémon champion, at least once, but have you ever been the best? There’s a pretty small pool for that, but we can probably widen it. Maybe you were the best in your school? City? Tri-state area? Maybe you were one of the ones that got to go to the Pokémon world championships. Maybe you actually won one year. But the millions of kids playing Pokémon were chasing after these two goals, and somehow, were okay with the fact that only one person could ever achieve the cooler sounding one.

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Aug 2 '13


The article is gonna be a bit late this week! Sorry!

Jul 26 '13

Congratulations on having completed the first step on your journey to becoming a Pokémon master, gym leader in the making! You have defeated the eight gym leaders with their challenge teams and moved on to defeat the Elite Four, an impressive feat! But, as you are no doubt already aware, it is but the first step in your journey to become a gym leader, Elite 4, and eventually, champion!

It has been a long road, we know, but we commend you on the skills you have exhibited, we imagine you hope that they will be enough to pay any bills you might have (ed note: too dated, reference needs to be removed for the millennial edition of the handbook). There are five steps in the process. First comes the paring, then the challenge. Should you be successful, then you will move on to step three, the set-up After set-up comes recruiting, and finally, receiving.

We at the Pokémon league congratulate you once more on your accomplishment, and hope you will serve your country well as a gym leader! (ed note: too patriotic for modern day youth, consider changing “serve your country” to something more innocuous. Perhaps hope you will go far on your journey?) For now though, be aware that now that you have completed the league challenge, you much wait a full month before attempting the gym leader test. Honestly, the only reason for this is because otherwise, we’d have far too many applicants for Viridian city gym leader, a position which has been stable for many years. (ed note: err…not anymore!)

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